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Green Cuts Ltd for Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is the practice of managing trees, shrubs and hedges. Keeping your trees and shrubs in a safe and aesthetically pleasing state is our priority. We can help you plan and execute the appropriate works to the trees for which you are responsible.

As Arboricultural Association approved contractors you are guaranteed a high level of service, a high standard of work and advice that can be relied upon.

Most common aspects of tree surgery include:

  • Crown thinning – smaller branches are selectively removed to evenly thin the crown, weight is removed and wind resistance is increased as well as allowing extra light to pass through the canopy.
  • Crown lifting – lower branches are removed to an agreed height to allow light to pass below the crown.
  • Crown deadwooding – branches naturally die off for many reasons, but take a while to decay, removing these branches early prevents injury from falling debris.
  • Crown reductions – trees can quickly out grow their environments and can require pruning to reduce the overall spread of the crown whilst maintaining healthy growth and a natural shape.
  • Directional felling – where the space is afforded to us we are able to safely fell trees from the ground using a variety of cuts to bring your tree down in a direction of our choosing.
  • Sectional dismantling – where space is restricted, the tree is carefully dismantled and brought down piece by piece. We use a variety of methods from free fall cuts to more advanced rigging techniques.