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Stump Grinding

Green Cuts for Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding across Grimsby, Louth and Beyond

Once you have arranged to have a tree cut down, you will then be left with an ugly stump. The whole process of getting rid of this isn’t as simple as chopping down the tree was. In fact, tree stump removal is quite technical, as you have the choice of either grinding the stump down or having it removed completely.

However, tree stump grinding is a more cost-effective way of dealing with such an issue, especially if the tree stump has been in place for some time. The whole process of removing a tree stump through grinding is a lot simpler. We can offer you services such as tree stump removal across Louth and Grimsby.

As we at Green Cuts will be using a grinder it doesn’t take a lot of work to help remove the stump from your garden. As tree surgeons for Grimsby and Louth, we have a great deal of experience in removing stumps in this way.

We take the grinder and grind the stump down into pulp, then use the pulp to cover the ground around the area where the stump was previously. So you won’t be left with any hole and over time the roots below ground will decay away.

The stump grinder that we use at Green Cuts, in order to remove such, has a large rotating cutting wheel at the front to which carbide teeth have been attached. As soon as we move the grinder into position the wheel is engaged and grinding of the stump can begin.

Once engaged the wheel works backward and forwards over the stump, grinding off about 2 inches at a time. We generally as part of this service grind it down to a depth of around 6 to 8 inches below the grade. All mulch that is produced during this process is then raked into a pile by us and left to settle. However, if you are intending to install turf in this area, please let us know as we will then arrange to have the mulch removed.

Although this is a relatively simple process to carry out, to be able to completely remove the stump, we highly recommend you arrange for our Louth tree surgeons to carry out the work for you. Not only will this save you a great deal of time, but also a great deal of effort.

To find out more about our stump grinding services please call us on 01472 841 100, Alternatively you can email Green Cuts Ltd by completing our online enquiry form.